What are the biological hormones?

Natural Hormons ReplacmentThey are also called natural or bio-identical hormones because they are chemical structures which act in the same way that hormones found in the human body.These molecules with hormone action bind with the same receptors found on cells of our body to trigger a series of biological reactions. This means that the body does not differentiate the action of one or the other.

The supplemented hormones follow the same metabolic and excretory process that hormones naturally formed in our body.This supplementation with natural molecules with hormonal action is called natural hormone replacement therapy.This new resource of medicine has been documented as a safe and effective process in numerous clinical studies.

Advantages of natural hormone replacement therapy

Conventional hormone replacement therapy has always presented various health risks among which are a greater chance of developing breast cancer and / or cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke.

In a meta-analysis published in Life's Extensions it has stated that numerous studies have shown an association between the use of synthetic hormones and the development of breast cancer. However, when it came to use natural hormones this association was much weaker. Even natural progesterone has been shown to reduce the risk of developing this cancer.The biggest advantage of using natural hormones is the lack of adverse effects.

In addition, synthetic hormones do not have the same molecular structure as those generated in our body.
This is because synthetic hormones are extracted from mammals or horses.

For several years most of the female population that is looking for hormone replacement therapy has leaned more for bio identical hormones in order to perform a treatment that goes hand in hand with nature and avoid adverse effects.The advantages of natural hormone replacement therapy are related to the type of medical condition being treated.

In the case of post menopausal symptoms, they are reduced significantly in intensity. Such is the case of hot flashes, fatigue and mental clarity.In the case of thyroid hormone, the main advantage is the restoration of metabolic balance. This is especially noticeable in a normalization of bowel movements, the disappearance of the feeling of extreme cold or hot and the improvement of mood.However, administration of bioidentical hormones should always be done under strict medical supervision.

What are the steps to follow to start with natural hormone replacement therapy?

In LongLife Clinic, we specialize in replacement therapy with natural hormones. It is imperative to begin medical evaluation, in which different blood tests are performed in order to evaluate the hormonal status of the patient.< /br>Having identified the weaknesses, the doctor will prescribe natural hormones in pill or cream.

Why this natural hormone replacement therapy may be needed with aging process?

According to scientific findings, with the passage of time, the concentration of HGH is reduced, which results in the aging process.At first it was believed that the production of this hormone was depending of maturity of pituitary gland, but today is known that not. The somatotropic cells production mantains over time if they are properly stimulated.Therefore, one theory to explain the decreased production of this hormone is a breakdown in the negative feedback process. That is, the cells do not react the same way with the decrease in the concentration of IGF-1 in the blood.The other theory that has been proposed is that as we age, the level of the inhibitory hormone production of growth hormone (somatostatin) is increasing.The only way to maintain the levels of growth hormone in high over the age is with the administration of  exogenous hormone, which is available only as an injection.

Which are the effects of maintaining high levels of growth hormone?

According to scientific studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, the exogenous administration of HGH leads to increased muscle mass and loss of fat mass, even without changes in lifestyle.There were  also reported other benefits such as increased vital energy, improved sexual performance, rejuvenation of vital organs, increased cardiac output, strengthening  of the immune system, increased bone strength, improved renal function, decrease deep wrinkles, decrease significant cellulite, improved sleep-wake pattern, and others.

The importance of maintaining the quality of estrogens

Estrogens are female hormones and are very important. When used as a cream, have the ability to markedly reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance.Creams with estrogens help to have a smoother skin, improving vascular flow and reducing the appearance of fine lines.Natural hormone replacement therapy should be reserved for those with symptoms of specific hormone deficiency and in all cases it is recommended for short periods of time and at the lowest possible dose. Natural replacement therapy with estrogen should be accompanied with parallel administration of progesterone to maintain a proper balance and counter the effects of too much of these hormones.

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