Vitamin C

Categorized  for preserve tissues and slow down the oxidation process in them, vitamin C, is postulated as the best suplement to  consume always, that you want to enjoy lif.  thanks to each of its properties, keeps immune body the virus or infections, and provides high energy efficiency in the day, which is perfect for those who want a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Vitamin C that may not know

As part of its medicinal functions, it is able to relieve colds, optimize the collagen production and maintain elasticity in arterial walls, avoiding risks of blood pressure or cardiovascular given case.

However, he also manages to improve brain oxygenation; strengthening neurons and eradicating the chances of Alzheimer's or cognitive impairment. It also facilitates the absorption of L-carnitine, prevents blood clotting, assists in wound healing and reduces the risk of cancer in various areas of the body.


Vitamin C (enantiomer) is composed of ascorbic acid and ascorbate ion; antioxidants that keep in perfect condition each  the enzymes and cells present in the body.