Vitamin D is a fat-soluble compound that can be obtained in large amounts by food, sun rays or supplements. It is commonly beneficios de la vitamina d y sus propiedadesrecommended for the advantages it offers in skin care and the influence it brings on the absorption of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are able to keep the bone system in perfect condition.

However, in spite of the fact that there are 5 types of the same, the most important D2 and D3, the first being produced in response to sunlight, invertebrates, fungi and plants, while the second is generated when the skin of Human being reacts to exposure to ultraviolet rays, which undoubtedly helps to maintain and promote health.

However, thanks to each of its properties, the vitamin D complex, is ideal to control the well-being of the body in large part, precisely because of this, it is able to completely optimize the immune system, increased defenses in the And eradicating the possibility of diseases caused by viruses or infections. Like, it allows to provide a balance of calcium in the body avoiding arthritis, at the same time that helps in reducing the symptoms of asthma.

In addition, it works on strengthening teeth, prevents bone cancer and improves the sight of children, including other beneficial contributions such as:

Regulates blood pressure

Each time the heart beats sends blood to the arteries, and at that time, vitamin D serves as a balance so that high or low blood pressure is maintained in its proper place, and this is because it suppresses Expression of the renin gene, which plays a central role in controlling blood pressure and fluid and electrolyte balance.

In this sense, the vitamin D properties that we obtain through supplements are essential for our body to obtain what is necessary to maintain the cardiovascular system stable, controlling the blood circulation through the arterial cavity.

Fight Depression

Because it influences the nervous system and segregation of hormones, it has the ability to improve mood, lowering the levels of tension in the body, as well as increase dopamine and serotonin, so that the person can rest; Relax and stay energized, and at the same time happy.

That is why many specialists recommend taking natural vitamin D in the morning, with exposure to sunlight, because that it is activated and help to always maintains stable the systems.

Help in weight loss

It is perfect for losing weight, because it stimulates the absorption of nutrients due, while promoting the synthesis of fatty acids by turning the calories into fat, even in tiring workouts, during our daily exercise routines.

However, its intake not only reduces calories, but also burns sagging, and excess abdominal mass, giving the bloodstream greater strength so that the fat cells reduce their efforts in storage, as well as controlling the levels of Hormones Parathyroid (PTH) and Calcitriol, to avoid a rebound effect.

Work for a healthy memory

This incredible nutrient, maintains stable cognitive function, because it controls the central nervous system and hippocampus, which have to do with memory and retention of information, which begins to decline in people over 60 years.

Its use is indispensable, because as well as preventing memory degradation,  is often a precursor to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. also works to keep the cerebral cortex in its maximum storage capacity, while activating all structures Nerves that are related to thinking, and mental acuity.

In addition, it avoids the oxidation of brain cells, strengthening their ability to function, and retention at the same time.

Keeps firm hair

Another virtue of consuming vitamin D is that it contributes to maintaining a healthy hair, preventing the hair follicles lose strength and consistency, while preventing hair loss by intervening in the cycle of growth of them.

His work is to adjust the cycle of the hair follicle, and once it becomes calcidiol as it passes through the liver, and in Calcitriol to reach the kidneys, its conversion reaches an important point of development, which allows to provide the components Essential for capillary volume increase.

Generates healthy skin

One of the most well-known benefits of vitamin D for the skin is in the cure it exerts against infections and injuries, while works as a rejuvenator of the same, in addition to its potential anti-inflammatory power to treat burns and stretch marks, as well as in Eczema medication.

Also, its antioxidant content not only prevents skin damage, but also prevents the premature aging of the face mantle, especially when ingested as a nutritional  supplement within the daily diet, promoting the strengthening of the dermis and epidermis, when working In its freshness, elasticity and firmness.

Your lack affects our health

Having low levels of vitamin D in the body,  end up generating anomalies like; Lack of pigment in the skin by the reduction of melanin, as well as deterioration; Low hydration and even oxidation of tissues.

However, the rheumatic problems and decalcification of the bones, is usually another one of the more punctual, like a bad intestinal tract, weight gain, renal deficiency, cystic fibrosis, and nervous descontrol.


This vitamin, known as antiraratic , is soluble in fats and is classified in the group of large nutrients and steroids. Due to its composition it is indicated to give passage to the calcium in the sanguineous torrent and to foment the mineralization in the organism.

It is worth noting; Which plays an important role in many of the functions of our body, and in the absence of adequate amount of it, can lead to multiple diseases, which in many cases are not easily identified.

Thus, a daily exposure of sunlight, or foods containing it like liver oil, fish, fortified cereals, oysters, caviar (Black and Red), enriched soy products, salami, ham and sausages, and dairy products , As well as nutritional nutritional supplements that contain it, certainly is the best option to maintain good health.