Vitamin K

Highlighted by combat widely  the osteoporosis, vitamin K is one of the most recommended suplements to optimize the condition of the bone area. This, also known as antihemorrágica, leads to blood clotting and optimizes the production of red blood globules along with other cells in the body; necessary for the good function of each of their system

Benefits of vitamin k that may not know

Because each of the properties that compose, vitamin k, is essential to improving calcium absorption, promote the formation of bones, tissues and joints, as well as regulate blood flow,  and prevent high blood pressure or cardiovascular risks.

Moreover, it is able to help in the process of segregation of insulin, preventing diabetes boxes or irregularities to padecerle. Likewise,  stimulates brain function with greater oxygen, and eradicates the possibility of having failures in the cognitive system, or disorders such as Alzheimer's.


Said vitamin K (menaquinone), has a lipophilic structure; and of soluble elements that allow the care blood. This is capable of disintegrating in fats or water and It can be obtained through foods such as vegetables, greens and through encapsulated compounds.

Eliminates toxins

The permanent use of vitamin K in our body, promotes the release of toxins, being a vital nutrient for maintaining blood flow, causing its stability, and effectively acting against the problems produced by such agents, such as: muscle aches, Fatigue, virus illness, respiratory infections and even weight gain.

Act as anti-inflammatory compound

This complex vitamin has properties that help it to attend the inflammatory processes that occur in joints as a product of degenerative diseases; Such as rheumatoid arthritis, which causes pain, swelling and stiffness, generating febrile conditions; As well as extreme tiredness.

In addition, it helps to completely reduce fluid retained in tissues; Purifying with them accumulated toxins, to prevent internal lesions in bone area.

Improves Constipation

The use of vitamin K for intestinal disorders, such as constipation; Causes benefits in the optimization of the evacuation with greater fluidity, since it works as a preventive drug in the eradication of the formation of bleeding hemorrhoids, avoiding that the veins of the rectal lining swell, while leaving a space of relaxation in its interior.

Also, its use is very useful so that the feces are expelled with all normality, without the dryness produced in the large intestine, affect the blood circulation.

Regulates high gastrointestinal bleeding

Because it controls blood flow, it also regulates gastrointestinal bleeding, caused by system imbalances, as well as conditions such as cirrhosis, injured varicose veins; Reflux and burning.

That is why it is recommended in treatments of patches and gastritis, to control stomach bleeding and maintain the digestive stability of the person, while protecting the intestinal tract of hemorrhoids and constipation that can cause such consequences.

Control bleeding during menstruation

One of the virtues of vitamin K is the control of heavy bleeding in women during period of menstruation, avoiding hormonal imbalance, while regulating estrogen and progesterone, also allowing the endometrium to maintain its normal state and not to exceed in development.

Apart from its use it avoids the appearance of menorrhagia (heavy bleeding), either by hormonal disorders, dysfunction of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, or simply by inflammatory pelvic diseases.

Prevention of thrombosis

The protection against the danger of possible thrombosis or embolism is a task well attended by this vitamin, because it intervenes in the formation and migration of the dreaded clots through the blood, allowing them to travel through the veins, without affecting the system Cerebrovascular disease.

However, its application is antihemorrhagic, but combined with anticoagulants, it produces a relieving and healing effect in this type of disorders, being its balanced effect in terms of the care it provides as an ally.

Breastfeeding and healthy pregnancy

It is ideal to ingest during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the healthy growth of the baby, because it works favorably in the care and development of your teeth as well as in the proper formation of the face and the bone system.

In addition, its application during childhood not only strengthens the bones of the child, but also prevents the appearance of cavities, and is recommended to use during the third trimester of gestation, which is the time where vitamin K decreases in women, to root of an additional leak of it.


Said vitamin (menaquinone), has a structure of lipophilic; Ie lipid-soluble elements that enable the blood treatise. This is able to disintegrate into fats or water. It can be obtained through food such as vegetables,  and through encapsulated compounds.

Its deficiency brings health consequences

A diet low in vitamin K would limit good blood clotting in our body, and its deficiency is likely to lead to calcification of the arteries and production of cardiovascular diseases, as well as the formation of neurological problems, and Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, and carcinogens such as leukemia, lung, prostate and liver.

Fortunately, a rich balanced diet in green vegetables, and fermenting foods, as well as the use of nutritional supplements with natural extracts of their properties, can increase their levels in the organism and achieve the proper functioning of systems for a pleasant life.