All about pure encapsulation vs douglas labs

Published : 11/22/2016 03:07:30
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All about pure encapsulation vs douglas labs

One of most strongest competitions in the pharmacological market; Is set between pure encapsulation vs. douglas labs, as both brands offer a quality product; With vitamins and minerals essential for optimization the immune system, and stability of the organism.

However, their approaches are somewhat different, while one seeks to delay anti-aging, another is simply to offer hypoallergenic products that are beneficial to all kind of people.

Faced with this, several doubts arise as to which of the two is best used for body care, and today we will clear them in a simple way.

Pure encapsulation or douglas labs?

Pure encapsulation, is a solid company in the hypoallergenic medical area, because it does not use magnesium stearate, hydrogenated fats; Flavorings, artificial components, or gluten in the formulation of their products.

The same, dedicated to preserving the cardiovascular healthy,  osseous and gastrointestinal well-being;  metabolic, nervous and visual, is ideal to include in any patient's diet, since it will not cause problems in your body by some sensitivity.

Now douglas labs, which has more years of experience and stability, provides nutritional products and supplements, necessary to combat the damage of radicals in the body, provide a good level of energy and balance the function of each system; Slowing down  aging of cells.

And not only that, but also creates special formulas suggested by medical doctors to combat diseases or nutritional deficiencies of each patient, and recover them in health.

On the other hand, and beyond the areas in which pure encapsulation focuses, douglas labs bets on stabilization of the cognitive system as well as providing benefits from aesthetic points.

So… which of two is better?

Although they have different characteristics in their formulation, they are completely favorable for human consumption, which makes it ideal to include both in the daily diet. How? By choosing a product of each; Depending on sensitivity that is possessed.

For example, if you are constantly suffering from stomach pains; Lactose intolerance, candida and intestinal problems, the best formula for eradicating such conditions will be with a pure encapsulation compound; Because they are completely free of heavy agents and stereate.

Equally, if it is to stabilize the arterial pressure; And fight muscular degeneration, it would be best to opt for one of douglas labs, as it contains more antioxidants and encourages the production of collagen. Using the best of two brands will always be the perfect choice to take care of the body.

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