Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Against Fatigue

Published : 02/19/2016 14:58:50
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Making changes in lifestyle, especially with regard to diet and consumption of herbal supplements, can greatly help reversing the fatigue and restore energy levels. However, in many cases, fatigue is chronic and involves hormonal imbalance. It is in these cases where the use of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy against fatigue may be necessary.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Against Fatigue is one of the most powerful tools available to treat chronic fatigue and restore energy levels. Using bioidentical hormone allows us to replicate the action of our own hormones.

What bioidentical hormones are used to restore energy levels?


It is usually used in treatment of adrenal fatigue when the balance of this hormone is not healthy. Thus, the blood levels are restored and adrenals glands return to normal operation.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

This hormone is the precursor of testosterone and other sex hormones. As pregnenolone is diverted for the synthesis of stress hormones, it is easy for those suffering from adrenal fatigue to experience a shortage of DHEA. DHEA replacement may lead to an improvement of libido and other vitality markers.

DHEA substitution should always be accompanied by regular testing.


The process of creation of hormones in your body starts with cholesterol, but the next step along the production line is the hormone pregnenolone. For those who suffer from stress or lack of energy, pregnenolone can improve many of its symptoms.


Although women produce only a fraction of the amount needed by men, it is still very important for several vitality and libido marketers, stamina and mood. For those suffering from adrenal fatigue, restoring testosterone to optimal levels may lead to an improved quality of life.


Once progesterone begins to fall (as often happens in the final 30 for women), the result can be low energy, irritability, weight gain and more. It is therefore important intravenous administration.


Oestrogen deficiency can also occur with adrenal fatigue, but tends to occur much later in the disease progression. Usually, progesterone begins to fall long before estrogen levels change.

Before receiving treatment with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy against Fatigue the doctor should perform some tests to make sure your hormone levels are below normal. This involves taking a blood test before starting treatment. Hormone therapy should also involve blood tests during the course of treatment to measure the effect of hormone replacement and make the appropriate adjustment to your regimen.

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