Do you know the disorders caused by BPA?

Published : 11/01/2016 03:50:30
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Do you know the disorders caused by BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol A), is one of chemicals most commonly used in manufacture of plastic containers for receipt of food, beverages and even cosmetics and personal hygiene products, which causes adverse reactions in the body, after slow down hormones segregation.

Precisely for this reason, and keep exposed unknowingly  to consumption, it is that global companies such as endocrinology, have conducted several studies that can attest to  disorders that same cause, and the way impair sour health, being among the main; diabetes, infertility and neurological failures.

However, there are many other conditions that can arise from their presence in urine, such as deficiency of vitamin D, important to protect bone health after absorption calcium

But, what are the other consequences?

Now, among other consequences caused by BPA they are:


One of consequences of Bisphenol A, is condition of anxiety, since influences nerve area of brain; firing their levels of alarm and fear. Usually when this happens ,person feels intimidated and both in need to find relief, however not possible without the due treatment.

According to World Health Organization, babies can also suffer from such problems since its gestation process, as long as mother use a plastic container with said compound, so it is recommended to prevent.

Damage immune function

The impaired immune function, is another of problems as sociated with such chemical agent to the body, completely down their defenses and leaving you completely exposed to viruses or chronic diseases.

It also leads to obtaining respiratory infections, or any kind of allergies, which at times come to provide a delicate state of health.

Suffering from Cancer

Another disorderscaused by BPA, is the activation of breast cancer and prostate after its influence on state of cells. There are many cases so far recorded by it, and has even managed determined that can also occur with to mach cancer.

Heart problems

Heart problems also tend to be suffered after having levels of it in the body, since once begins to spread through blood stream, blocking antioxidant properties that fight free radicals, redu, since once begins to spread through the bloods reduces the elasticity of arteries, and left completely imprisoned until infarcts, spasm or blows do occur.

Definitely, an additive that ends up destroying the entire chain of being, and which we must be careful whe never we can.


One of best tricks to avoid suchc on sequences, do not use plastic containers is torn, because once suffer damage, amounts of BPA are often segregated quickly and link with each food or object to place on them.

Also, avoid reheat food in microwave; served in such containers, as when exposed to heat, gradually are released somewhat the same. So, make your  ally caution to keep in healthy condition.

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