Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza

Published : 03/12/2015 16:50:23
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Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza

Doctor. Jean Garant Mendoza is the creator of Long Life Clinic in Spain. He is from Canada but grew up and trained as a doctor of medicine in Malaga, Spain. After serving several years as a GP, he was not satisfied with  the traditional approach of medicine and the imperative performing and control of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Based on this experience, he decided to make his way and began performing international conferences related to the field of anti-aging medicine.

In this way, he met other doctors with the same interest as it related to a better quality of life. He wanted to increase their knowledge in order to provide quality care to their patients and a solution to the relentless pursuit of issues that could not be resolved  through traditional medicine.

Thus, he did a master of Longevity and Biological Medicine in Spain and, since then, his only goal was to create the clinic of longevity and anti-aging in order to provide their patients what they craved, ie the most advanced tools for better quality of life.

Doctor. Jean Garant loves to keep up with the latest developments in the field of anti-aging medicine and regularly gives lectures and presentations worldwide. If you want to participate in some of its exhibits, you can follow the feed to receive the latest updates.

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