NZT in the reality; Is there the drug of your limits?

Published : 09/29/2017 04:53:03
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NZT in the reality; Is there the drug of your limits?

 If you saw "No Limits" a film produced by Robert De Niro, it is more than probably that you figured out if the NZT, a famous drug to increase knowledge, really existed, which also became the focus of many researchers after the release of the film.

The simple fact that in this movie will be shown a neurostimulator capable of making a writer in decline more intelligent and successful; left more than one perplexed and opened the eyes to a possible future with thousands of people exploiting to the maximum their IQ.

However, it ended up knowing that there is no drug as such; capable of stimulating both neurons to turn you into a complete Einstein, but rather pills to increase concentration.

And what are these pills called?

Modalfinil and Methylphenidate; are two pills capable of increasing concentration and eradicating fatigue, however and according to the BBC; one of the most used in the United Kingdom and rest of the European continent; is the first, which originated in France under the investigations of Professor Michel Jouvet in the 70’s.

Of course, it was not until 1986 when it began to be distributed as a perfect drug to treat narcolepsy, because it maintains high levels of energy and therefore improves attention.

So, is it not advisable to use it if you have such a disease?

While its use is to keep people active; it is incorrect to take it if you do not suffer from narcolepsy, and this is emphasized by the doctor famacologist Reinel Cárdenas.

"Its amphetamine effect was diffused without the slightest ethical sense of the consequences that its consumption can bring"

After that interesting pill came to market; many people began to take it to stay awake and perform even more at work; however becoming dependent, ended up altering their sleep cycle and at the same time the nervous system.

Lies sold as truth?

The supposed NZT of reality; has increased its sales so much that prestigious universities began to observe that it is used by people who do not even comply with the clinical picture for which it was created, which worries because it reveals that the industry sold it as an ally that really is a destructive agent.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industries took advantage of the ingenuity of many students and allowed the purchase of Modalfinilo without prescription in order to profit; ignoring the side effects that this can produce.

Why? Well, because not suffering from narcolepsy and using it in an uncontrolled way, begins to suffer severe damage to the body in the future; which according to the Catholic University of Chile, would be convulsions, loss of memory, constant depression, internal bleeding and even suffering from suicidal instincts.

So, such a magic pill to increase intelligence does not really exist, but rather are used in clinical cases allowed to increase concentration and avoid an uncontrollable sleep state.

And, what about other nootropics considered smart drugs?

Without a doubt, many other nootropics are considered smart drugs; which cause a similar effect in the mind of the human being and of course in their functions among them piracetam, which has existed since the 60s and increases according to millions of consumers around the world, 5 or 10% more the capacity of thought and action.

All this is due because, thanks to being composed in a large percentage by GABA; the same ends up causing a neuronal stimulation, and totally activating the cognitive system, allowing to have more retentive and imagination, as well as creativity to the consumer.

In addition, it facilitates the flow of information in each cerebral hemisphere, which indicates that even when one is not very developed receives a good signal of energy that allows him to increase his potential.

However, it is important to mention that it is used to treat problems of dyslexia, and eradicates a lack of concentration in people, just as it simply oxygenates the brain.

Also, nootropics such as cerebrolsyn and Semax, are also capable of improving the function of the hypothalamus, and at the same time control the aging of the brain, avoiding the suffering of Alzheimer's or constant mental gaps.

For now, there are many studies that ensure that both these and piracetam, are ideal for improving memory, but always in doses recommended by medical prescription.

Also supplements like; Bromantane, which is characterized by its anxiolytic properties, is also used to improve the body's defenses, prevent exhaustion and maintain patients with high energy.

Nor to speak of Tianeptine, which despite being consistently recommended as an antidepressant, ended up also becoming one of the nootropics most used for its anxiolytic and relaxing effect, which eliminates stress and improves thinking.

Obviously none of the above mentioned; it could give you prodigious abilities like the NZT of the movie, so if you were thinking of becoming a genius of painting and piano, or in any case the pharmacological industry, you had better give up to take them.

What they do, is that they can increase your mental stability; and thus stimulate the neurons for a better notion and deduction.

Where to buy NZT in real life? Now Brain Elevate

If you are looking to improve your cognitive function based on nootropics, it may be a bit risky, but nonetheless; is possible with products based on natural ingredients such as Now Brain Elevate, which we own in Nutrimi.

Thanks to its components such as rosemary, ginkgo Biloba, L-glutamine and others, it is able to enhance the cognitive function of the brain, avoiding the oxidation of cells and neurons as well as improving the passage of oxygen.

Apart from this, it also contains Asian spark, which further improves the degree of reasoning and concentration and prevents diseases such as dementia.

Definitely, a compound designed to totally control the nervous and cerebral system; keeping you always active and free of disturbances that decrease energy and performance.

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