Sitting for a long time shortens your lifespan

Published : 11/01/2016 04:24:51
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Sitting for a long time shortens your lifespan

While it is true, the sitting has always been ideal way to give a few minutes of rest to the body so; after a busy day. However, and after recent studies at the University of Kansas (USA), it has been shown that this can only be reached shorten the lifespan, and is simply the longer the body is at rest, the greater the slowdown of its systems and functions, which are extremely important to enjoy being.

Precisely for this it is that people who daily work in office hours, or are obliged to take a seat for more than 7 hours, end up suffering not only failures in circulation, but many problems more; as:

Metabolic disorders

When sitting for long, it tends to lower a high percentage of muscle energy, indicating that you can not burn the amounts of fat needed daily, much less processed accordingly absorption of food and nutrients ingested, because metabolism is affected.

The body needs certainly be moving in order to function properly, and being in a different way, it gets out completely, diminishes their capacity to assimilate and gives way even to digestive intolerance.

Weight gain

Another of consequences keep the body at rest for a certain amount of time, is weight gain, since the power not to burn fats or carbohydrates obtained by eating, the body tends to almacenarles in skin tissue giving life to obesity.

Many figures dropped by NBC, as evidence that physical inactivity leads to get extra kilos without even noticing.

Heart problems

Spend much time sitting, blood tends to lose balance in its fluid, which leads not only to poor circulation but also inflammation of tissues, bones and arteries, which; to be affected, they tend to clog and generate a pressure which leads to suffering from heart problems.

Because this is that people work offices, they are the most likely to suffer heart attacks or heart murmurs, like to enjoy low energy performance and endurance.

Vertical drop of triglycerides and cholesterol

 The unevenness of triglycerides and cholesterol, is also presented through constant physical inactivity. Why? Simply because the body does not make use of energy or food intake; properly, you tend to accumulate a lot of fat that triggers completely the same. Especially when and pictures of overweight and cardiovascular problems arise.

Deterioration of joints and bones

Without doubt, deterioration of joints and bones, is another that occurs when sitting for hours daily, since it causes constant inflammation, together with deviated from its original pattern, as in case of the spine.

 It is natural, for those who work at a computer, suffer from ailments in the legs, back and hands, like knees since being in such a rigid position, the body tends to retain fluid and in turn result in injury to bone area.

Because of such actions, is that a short lifespan is diagnosed, simply because a person who has muscle and joint ailments, uncontrolled metabolism, sensitive heart and blood sugar, triglycerides or altered cholesterol, is facing a time bomb that can explode at any moment.

Now, all this can be avoided, as long as you take a break standing in intervals, daily workouts or perform stretching exercises to relieve discomfort. By having this clear, it will be easy to get rid of such a forecast.

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