Vitamins that boost the immune system in children

Published : 07/24/2017 04:05:12
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Vitamins that boost the immune system in children

The immune system is the body's natural defense against infections, but the use of vitamins potentiates this natural shield that serves to combat and destroy the invading agents that harm the body before they cause damage.

However, the immune system in children is always in a period of adaptation, because the cells and antibodies are alert to the multitude of substances and aggressive microorganisms that must face.

And the vitamins as essential nutrients to vitalize, energize and protect the body, are perfect for improving the health of children, because they help the body to function normally, as long as they are supplied through a balanced diet.

As children grow, so do their bodies, and with plenty of reasons, they need vitamins so that their blood cell formation along with other tissues is consolidated, so that the lack of these nutrients would lessen the defenses, and consequently would allow Respiratory infections and constant diarrhea.

For that reason, vitamins play an important role of protection for the child's immune system, and therefore, the consumption must be selective, so we recommend;

Vitamin C

If for any reason a child does not consume vitamin C, they would be exposed to viral, oral and dental infections, and would face a chronic anemia, with muscle and cartilage weakening, accompanied by bronchial diseases such as cough, flu, common cold.

Therefore, the immune system would be exposed and the body would not respond to the energy demands.  So the intake of Vitamin C is indispensable for the health of the child, taking into account that this is found in some vegetables, and fruits, As well as in the preparation of food supplements of biological origin.

Vitamin A

If a child can not ingest vitamin A, their immune system is affected, and as such, they increase the chance of contracting malaria, measles and diarrhea, as well as xerophthalmia, a visual impairment that does not allow the eye to produce pigments.

On the other hand, its insufficiency also causes that the child's eyes can not produce enough moisture to keep them properly lubricated and therefore not nourished by their own elements, including the cornea.

Likewise, the health of the child in general would be noticeable, because the immune system would be exposed and the defenses could not prevent the entry of any virus, bacteria or infection into the body.

Vitamin D

This nutrient, it is able to completely optimize the immune system, increase the defenses in the same and eradicate the possibility of affections by contagios of virus or infections, providing the child a balance of calcium in the body; Meanwhile, involved in the reduction of symptoms Vitamin B

Vitamin B, is one of the most complete nutrients, and its lack would generate in the health of the infant an imbalance in the cellular development of the blood, with direct affectation to his immune system, presenting also severe anemic pictures, with decay and drowsiness.

Its composition is indicated to give way to calcium in the bloodstream and promote mineralization in the body, so that its intake favors growth and allows the infant to nourish and fight rickets; While, it strengthens the epidermis and dermis for its freshness, firmness and elasticity

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