Which vitamins stimulate collagen?

Published : 12/19/2016 02:51:12
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Which vitamins stimulate collagen?

Collagen abounds in our body in 25%, and is a natural protein that isthe  main support of our body, which when stimulated by use of vitamins, strengthens its action in bones, cartilage, tendons, basement membranes, skin, and cornea.

 Its metabolic process facilitated by these begins to work inside the cells of the body, as it is synthesized throughout the bone, dermal and blood structure, so, it replenishes its levels and delays aging.

 Because of this, it is understood that they play an important role in its strength and it is interesting to know about vitamins that stimulate collagen, so that you can always keep it high in the body, since although all are beneficial, Do not always end up increasing their amounts. Among the best for this, stand out:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the main nutrients that promote formation of collagen in the body, which is why it is considered ideal for the growth of nails and hair, as well as for the stability of hair and eye sight.

Nonetheless, it plays a beneficial role in tissue formation and even maintains stable mucosal cells.

This, can be easily achieved in supplements or encapsulates; But if not, it also manages to be consumed by means of foods like; Pumpkin, potato, carrot, spinach; And fruits like melon.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is another that considerably increases level of collagen in the body because it promotes good digestion of proteins. Done that undoubtedly, it allows you to strengthen the bony part and keep free from decaying joints and tissues along with cartilage or bones.

Vitamin C

Although it is known to be a high antioxidant source; Its consumption also stimulates the  collagen, after activity of the enzyme phosphatase, which is responsible for synthesizing the bone matrix, while involved in development and growth of bones.

It also transforms proline into hydroxyproline, which is found mainly in connective and bone tissue, constituting 10% of the collagen molecule, improving skin elasticity, dermal microcirculation and resistance of capillaries.

Vitamin E

With only about two daily doses of vitamin E a day, you can greatly increase levels of collagen in area of bones and tissues, but not only that, but also slows down damage of free radicals in the skin, Freshness and lushness, On the other hand, it helps in maintaining the hair structure, prevents hair loss and improves appearance of scars.

Are there other types of supplements that stimulate your production?

Although it is not a vitamin as such, omega 3 is able to produce collagen in the body, since it has a great antioxidant and protective power, which reaches dermis, while enhancing its results based on its protein composition of 50 Amino acids that give rise to peptide chains that take part in oxidative resistance of the skin.

It penetrates quickly and completely into the skin covering its firmness and elasticity while regenerating the tissues of dermis and epidermis, establishing its control as a natural anti-wrinkle supplement.

Because of this, it is often recommended in bone care treatments; Skin and joints, as well as for the stability of cardiovascular system, because having arteries with sufficient stability can enjoy a healthy heart.

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