Crema Facial Antiox (Antiaing) - Lavigor

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Anti-wrinkle with moisturizing properties. Ideal for firming and strengthening the skin against premature aging

  • Marca: Lavigor.
  • Cantidad por envase: 50 ml


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Facial Cream Antiox, is a product specially developed to attack free radicals that affect the elasticity and firmness of our skin, as well as to settle lines of expression and control the premature aging of the skin.

It is important to note that its use is necesary to maintain healthy skin, because its vitamin content amalgamated with glucose, strengthens the body's defenses, and is also very useful as an antioxidant supplement in moderate doses, depending on the deficiencies of each patient with respect to Your treatment.

Likewise, it participates as a natural drug in the process of curing skin allergies, and deficiencies of the immune system to combat this type of disorders.

Who can use Antiox Face Cream?

It is recommended for those who want to prevent the aging of the skin.

What features and details do you have?

This product comes in a container of 50 milliliters, and provides vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizers, regenerants, lighteners and cellular stimulants that restrain the premature aging of the skin.

How can I use it?

It can be used topically.

When do I use Antiox Face Cream?

It is ideal to use to treat flaccidity of the skin or to assert its hardness, as well as to prevent lines of expression.

Why choose him before the competition?

Because it is a moisturizing cream Coenzyme Q10, resistant to water and is free of toxic additives for the body.

How is it used?

It should be applied daily in the morning and at night until it is absorbed.

Product composition

For every 50 ml. Argan oil, coenzyme Q10, rutin, perfluorocarbon, Imperata cylindrica, resveratrol, hydroxytyrosol, Chondrus crispus, complex of plant extracts and brewer's yeast and vitamin C stabilized with glucose.

Composition of the supplement

50 ml vitamin moisturizing supplement.


Store in dry and cool environment, away from sun exposure

5 benefits you did not know about this product

-Prevent redness of the skin due to excessive sun exposure (solar erythema) and the effects of photoaging

-Works powerfully as a facial muscle massager.

- It protects the face that has dry sensitive skin, either of the UBV or UVA spectrum, benefiting the prevention of the development of skin cancer.

- It is a soothing and antiirritante for the skin with texture sensitive to the climatic changes or the allergic states.

Reduces the inflammations present in the dermis by its relaxing and antioxidant effect.

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