Resveragen (highly concentrated) - Prothera- 60 caps.

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Un compuesto elaborado a base de raíces de plantas como; Centidonia de Japón. Ideal para maximizar la absorción de antioxidantes en el organismo y controlar los niveles de la sangre.



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Resveragen is a product made from large polyphenols such as; The Centidonia root of Japan. It contains 50% concentration; and Gives a great property of antioxidants to the body; Which undoubtedly help keep the body in perfect condition, acting as a kind of anti-aging and even improving cholesterol levels.

Likewise; Improves blood flow; And prevents inflammation of the arteries, optimizing their functioning, and keeping you completely free of cardiovascular risks or diseases. It is also effective for regulating insulin resistance, so it is considered a good choice for those suffering from diabetes. On the other hand can be influenced as an exterminator of cancer cells and provide some immunity to Alzheimer's problems.

What characteristics and details do you have?

Resveragen (highly concentrated) - Prothera, is a product with 100% natural ingredients, such as Centidonia root of Japan, capable of providing a number of antioxidants essential to control the oxidation of various systems in the body, as well as levels, Such as cholesterol; Or insulin.

How can this product be used?

 Consume by mouth

When do I use this product?

 Use whenever level of blood fluid needs to be reduced, cardiovascular diseases reduced or tissues oxidized in the body.

Why is our product better than the competition?

 Because it has been elaborated based on the norms required by sanity, hoping to offer you something of complete quality.

How is it used?

It is ideal to consume Resveragen (highly concentrated) - by means of daily doses; Included in 1 or 2 at mealtimes.

Product Composition:

Dry extract of Centidonia root of Japan. (50% min). Resverastrol (250mg).

Supplement Composition:

60 vegetable capsules (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose). With L-Leucine, Cellulose and Silicon Dioxide.

Side effects

It does not have counterproductive effects, however it is necessary not to consume during pregnancy or lactation. Storage Store the product at room temperature.

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