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Borraja- oil (Omega 3-6) - SURAVITASAN- 90 Pearls.

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Regulating skin aging and skin diseases attacks. Useful in the treatment of arthritis and blood circulation.



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Our product contains two powerful essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 series; distributed in percentage proportions for greater effectiveness of their anti-aging skin enzymes; and restructuring of it.
Also, its use is attributable to the improvement of the beauty of the skin mantle, regulating sebaceous secretion through its astringent properties when applied in this area; like keeping it fresh and wrinkle free.
There are many virtues that certainly; You can give us borage oil, among them the reduction of water loss; increased collagen and immunity from any kind of irritation condition that could arise. So do not hesitate to make it part of your kit of essential components for the day.
Who can use this product?

Borage oil, can be used by those who need healing powers to control skin aging and dryness, as well as relieving premenstrual and rheumatic symptoms.

What features and details have?

Borraja- oil (Omega 3-6) - comes in a package of 1000 milligrams, and 90 beads containing linoleic acid (LA) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), essential components of oil Omega 3 and 6; that help to optimally care for our skin.

How you can use this product?
Pearls of Borage Oil can be ingested orally.
When do I use this product?
Borraja- oil (Omega 3-6) - SURAVITASAN- can be used when problems with skin, circulation and arthritis occur.

Why our product is better than the competition?
Borage Oil is considered as one of the best in the industry; thanks to its multiple functions in skin care, bones and joints; as it is having been made under all standards required for healing, which makes it a high quality product.

How is it used?
Should ingest 1 softgel a day between food
Product Composition
3 beads Borage Oil (1) containing linoleic acid (LA) 37% 1110 mg gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) 24% 720 mg, Oleic acid 510 mg, Palmitic acid 315 mg, Antioxidant: Vitamin E (tocopherols mixed) 30 mg * VRN: nutrient reference Value in% ** NRV not established. (1) organic farming

Supplement composition
Package of 1000 milligrams and 90 beads (gelatin, purified water, humectant: glycerine)
Side effects

If breastfeeding and pregnancy can not eat it, and if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer you should consult your doctor.

Store in room temperature

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