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L-Arginine (vegetable magnesium stearate) - Suravitasan- 50 caps

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Without a doubt; ideal to eliminate toxins in your body, and in turn strengthen the immune system supplement, thus keeping you; free of diseases or conditions.



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L-Arginine is one of the most essential amino acids for our body, and precisely for that reason; It is that it has been taken as the base ingredient of this product. Through it, you can not only completely detoxify your body of impurities, but also significantly will improve the immune system, thereby preventing any viruses; run roughshod.
Now, it is beyond such benefits; this magnificent supplement is also able to stimulate growth hormone and along with it; to accommodate the new production of fabrics; strengthening the joints and renewal of skin cells; leaving it shiny and hydrated.
Who can use this product?

L-Arginine (vegetable magnesium stearate) - Suravitasan-, can be eaten by all kinds of people; thanks to the benefits to the body.
What features and details have?

Such a product has been developed based on L-Arginine, an amino acid that the body does not produce; and only found in certain foods. However, it is more than necessary for our well-being, and that is why it has been processed into capsules for easy digestion.
How you can use this product?

Capsules L-arginine, can be taken orally.

When do I use this product?

This supplement; It is perfect to eat whenever needed increase defenses, eradicate diseases in the liver; or simply optimize cell regeneration in the body.

Why our product is better than the competition?

L-Arginine is one of the best products to eat; because it has been prepared under the relevant health standards, ensuring a free tablet of any contamination.
How is it used?

It is recommended to take L-Arginine (vegetable magnesium stearate) - using doses of 1 or 3 capsules per day, preferably between meals.
Product Composition

L-Arginine (HCL) 500 mg. With vegetable magnesium stearate and microcrystalline cellulose.

Supplement composition

50 capsules. Humectant coated vegetable and cellulose, as purified water. Free soy, artificial preservatives, gluten or milk and its derivatives. It may contain traces of crustaceans.

Side effects
It causes the appearance of herpes, so their intake is not recommended for people prone to these.

This supplement store at room temperature.

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