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Minami - Nutrition

Minami Nutrition

Minami Nutrition is a company dedicated to the development of products high in omega 3 can improve the cardiovascular health of its consumers,at the same time that  strengthens bone area and they prevents the aging process.

These, work with oils freshest fish for the manufacture of its encapsulated compounds, and remain large in the drug market, because not to use artificial additives that threaten the health of people or create mild effects unexpected..

In order to be 100% ecologicals, make of natural ingredients, essential substances in their products, to offer incredible benefits such as regulation of triglycerides and even cell optimization.

Quality controls more comprehensive

  • Each of the supplements made by Minami Nutrition, are suitable for sensitive people, and are kept free of gluten, lactose, artificial additives or sugars.
  • Avoid cross-contamination, it is essential in Minami Nutrition.
  • Each of the tools used in the process, have been dismantled and sterilized as appropriate, in each new production cycle.
  • Processing and creation of these products has been done in the proper conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • On the label of each product you can be observed in detail the list of ingredients and composition of raw materials used in its manufacture.
Minami - Nutrition Spain

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